The repository

We provide private repositories to store build artifacts (built packages, documentation, etc…) for closed-source projects. The repository for project FOO is at

Look at the repository layout page to understand how the artifacts are organized.

The following users are able to read the repositories:

  • Kode Konveyor employees with their google account
  • Developers assigned to the project with their github account
  • Others, based on the request of the procurer of the project, with either a google or github account

Privacy: The repository uses email address, google organization, and github project membership to decide whether the user is allowed to read and download the artifacts. No other data is used, and no other purpose exists for processing data related to the repository. We use Auth0, Github, and Google as third parties to process the data. Please consult their privacy policy for further details.

Terms of service: The private repositories are paid for and contain data of the procurer of the project. Any information in, or related to the repository can only be used by authorized personnel for the purpose of developing the project to which the repository belongs to. To be used in any way beyond the usual software development activities, you need the consent of the procurer of the project. Sharing credentials used to reach the repository is expressly forbidden in any case.

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