Our Mission

Creating software still uses craft production methods; done in workshops providing different qualities. There are no widely adopted quality or process standards. In other industries the basis for increasing both quality and quantity is the development of manufacturing methods. For this, one needs to create processes which can be standardized and measured. Those standardized processes are the basis of quality assurance and optimizing production. With such production processes we can create uniformized products which can be handled in the same way as products in other industries, thus principles of economy and industry are applicable. This way we can introduce paralell mass production in software development, much like the conveyor belt revolutionized heavy industries.

We call this new process “Kode Konveyor”.

To achieve this leap, we need foundational changes in the methods of software development. TDD and Clean Code are fundamental ingredients of the “rules of the craft”, but they are rarely exercised. This is an obstacle of progress, as the learning time for specific projects are long, only senior programmers can substantially contribute to projects, the velocity of development halves yearly, and the overall quality of software is bad; there are lot of bugs and security flaws, and additional development is hard and expensive.

Our goal is to radically reform the software development process and introduce quality mass production in the software industrry.

The technological goal is to radically change software development such that it is

  • based on the rules of the craft (TDD, Clean Code),
  • standardized, scaleable,
  • makes quality software development possible with a smaller knowledge base than today,
  • based on small, parallellizable tasks
  • uses a process which provides strong quality control

To achieve the above goals, we need an agile architecture development method which provides end-to-end consistency from the high-level definition of the problem down to the code itself.

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