We are happy to inform you that our team is working on two different education packages. The firs package is for beginners and the second one is for experienced developers.

Package for beginners:

  • We would like to help beginners to acquire a sufficiant knowledge to start to work alone by using java language on TDD(test driven development)-CDD(contract diven development) based
  • When you will pass this education process we will provide you competitive job opportunities with flexible conditions

This package is available so we would like to invite you into an experiment.
We are developing a new teaching method for software coding.

The students finishing the course will be able to produce software code in Java, it is a job where there is a huge need for people.We use a special method for Java coding called Test Driven Development (TDD), which is not so much in use, but becoming more and more important.

It will be an online method, which includes:

  • videos,
  • learning tasks,
  • test to check your knowledge.

You should go through alone on the main part of the study, however we offer you help by instructors. They can be reached through:

  • slack, if you like chat, or,
  • skype if you like live talk (it also gives the possibility of sharing screen).

(Don’t worry if you don’t know them, they are not too big, and easy to use. We can help you to set it up.)

We also strongly encourage to work with your fellow students.

As we would like to develop a teach the teacher material, meaning if you like teaching after learning the material you can teach others (with the help of the developed material).

As we stated at the beginning it is an experiment which means, that we are developing the teaching material, so it is not perfect. We would like you to be our partner in the job, which means:

  • you will get much less material, that we will give, when the teaching material is ready,
  • we need you help, as feedback from every material, you can tell which part is not understandable enough or where you need some teaching material(you can even say, that we have to remake a whole video),
  • if we don’t develop the material fast enough, and you are spending much less time with the program, that is our fault, so you get the same money.

How much time does it take?

We design the course for 4 months, when it ready, but for you it could take up to 8 months. At most 36 hours weekly.


We need people how are able to learn software coding, and as we don’t speak your language we need you to have enough good English to be able to communicate with us. Therefore the selection process is the Interview on Skype, there we check, whether we understand each other, and you have to solve some logical problem

Package for experienced developers:

  • We will offer you a packeges which will change your mind about code production. You will be able to use your knowledge and experience based on a new way of thinking
  • When you will pass this education process we will provide you competitive job opportunities without constraints

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