Who we are

We are a truly cloud-based, international company. There are times when each members of our team are located in different countries spanning 5 time zones. We work through Skype, Trello, Google drive, and of course github.

Our mission is to completely change the way software and its development is looked at. We intend to bring the same fundamental change to software development which was brought by the conveyor belt to the industry of the time.

Our team:

Attila Kollár – CEO. He is responsible for everything. There should be a scapegoat everywhere, you know 🙂

Árpád Magosányi – CTO. Okay, actually we blame him for the whole idea.

Zsuzsanna Magosányi – COO. If you want things get done, you need a woman.

Tamás Szirbucz – We needed someone who can actually write programs.

Chandan Kumar – Community building in India, to make our company really international.

Legally there is Kode Konveyor OÜ, a private limited company headquartered in Estonia.

Contact information:

  • email: info@kodekonveyor.com
  • home page: https://kodekonveyor.com/ (you are looking at it right now)
  • snail mail and headquarter (yes, these things are still required by some organizations stuck in the last millenium…): Soo 19-1, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia

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