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What a Coder have to know?

Programming is an art. Coding is a profession.

Art have no rules, the artist is free to do anything. A profession have its rules, such that the professional will not make big mistakes if adheres to them.

Art is fun. Profession delivers things that can be used.

Also coding is but one of the several professions needed to deliver a software. These are:

And we did not mention those who sell and manage the work of the above people. A programmer is expected to be all of the above, no wonder that there are only few really good programmers out there.

Let’s start with what a Coder does NOT have to know:

What have left?

You still need a relatively large amount of knowledge. But much less than what a programmer needs. We estimate that it takes 150 units, which means that if you don’t know anything about programming, you will need anything between 3 months to a year to learn it. It contains basic programming knowledge, the ability to use the tools, and knowledge about the process you are participating in. And most importantly, the two cornerstones of your profession: Test Driven Development (TDD) and Clean Code.

Here is a picture showing the skillset for different levels of programmers and that of coders: Knowledge stack

Here is a rough table of contents (it’s for Java, but most of it is similar for the other languages. As you can see, the actual programming language is small part of it, and you don’t even have to know everything about the language):