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For developers

Our company develops software using TDD (test driven development).

Using strong architecture design phase we produce small tasks for developers, what can be coded without knowing the whole environment.

You will need much less, but wildly different knowledge to work with us, compared to other programming positions.

You, as a coder, after understanding our system, will be able:

Why join Kodekonveyor?

Either you are an experienced developer or a freshman you can join and work with us. To educate freshmen we have created an education portal where you can enroll and get free coding education The curriculum is designed in a way that if you learn one thing you can use that to solve a task and get paid.

Freelance work with kodekonveyor is not like other freelancing websites where you have to do a lot of bidding to get a job. Here we already have a task-based job. You can take any task, work on it and get paid once it’s done successfully.

To work with us you don’t have to travel to an office you can work from anywhere at any time according to your own comfort and availability.

With us you will get immense opportunity to learn, earn and grow careerwise. Our programs are designed in a way that if you begin from a very basic level you can grow your income as well.

How to join Kodekonveyor?

To join any program with us you need to schedule a 15 min interview with us. And it is not exactly an interview. It’s a session to know more about you, your expertise and share our plan and process. To schedule an interview use this link

As explained above during the interview we will explain the process and get to know you and your expertise.

The next step is to sign the contract. After the interview, you can start with the task available on but to raise an invoice and get paid you need to have a contract. Also, this contract and information in it will help us to track your work and learning progress.

See for details.

As these methods and tools are not so common and require a very good understanding we provide free mentoring to the developers who want to work with us. We provide you with videos from earlier mentoring sessions. You can follow them, and do the coding for yourself to get an idea what we are doing. After you have seen the videos, or if you have any questions regarding them, you can ask your mentor. Your mentor will be available throughout the process starting from environment setup to task grab. You can contact him anytime if you have any problems.

You can grab any task from our GitHub account (the task with the label up for grab).